The Designer

Growing up with a father who is an artist and art collector and a crafty mother, art to me comes very naturally. I have never seen an empty wall in my house and its always filled with ever changing artwork. Having the privilege to meet so many artists over a period of time, my love for art turned into passion.

Being fascinated with the concept of ‘Creating’, led me to pursue studies in Sculptural Design. All my life I have heard how unpredictable and unusual my thoughts are, learning art has helped me find a direction and enhanced my wild thought process.

For a few years I took a step back to spend time with my family and raising my lil one, which gave me a renewed vision towards my goal. With a little… actually a LOT of push from my friends and family, I started my journey towards Radicals. I feel art can definitely be something more than what you adorn your house with and that very thought led me to design installations that can be Wearable.

‘Creating Art’ takes time and it gives me utmost joy to design each piece by myself. It is an effect of many hours of manual work and months of designing. The designs come straight from my imagination, inspired by surroundings, photography or graphics. It requires a lot of concentration and tranquility which is great mode of relaxation for me. Making product perfectly finished, polished or textured is very important for me. I care a lot about ergonomy of each piece which must be comfortable in every day use.

I hope you enjoy wearing them, as I have creating!